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We manufacture, supply and export a wide range of Fire Fighting Equipments customized to suit the requirements of our clients. These products have a wide application base and are useful with various fire related issues.We find it essential to maintain the quality of our products and thus, use optimum quality raw material procured from reliable sources. 

we offer customization of our products to suit the different application basis and specific requirements of our esteemed clients.

New Impulse Technology

The fire-extinguishing installation "Impulse-Storm" created on the basis of T-62 tank or on a Truck Chassis is a multifunctional machine of explosive pulverization of materials, which effectively extinguishes fires of different classes by means of volley feed of fire-extinguishing compositions to the fire center. The impulse fire installation “Impulse Storm” is destined for extinguishing large fires on gas and oil fields, atomic and thermoelectric power stations without cutting off voltage, and in ammunition depots. The speed of fire power supply – 300 kg/sec. Distance of delivery – up to 120 m. Area of extinguishing without recharging - 3600 sq.m. Full armored protection for the crew. Possibility of remote control.

JFR - 250

Jet gas and water extinguishing installation JFR-250

 The application area - large fires on oil fields. Especially in the places where metallic constructions are in the flame. No other machine in the world has such cooling effect, so it is impossible to compare it with any other equipment. It has been applied in many oil companies of Russia and Ukraine for over 15 years. This installation successfully extinguished fires in Kuwait in 1992.

JFR-250. Speed of gas and water mixture delivery – 200 kg/sec. Distance of delivery – up to 70 m.   

IMPULSE - STORM            IMPULSE -STORM               JFR                           FIRE TENDER              TRAILER PUMP         NOVEC / FM 200

Fabrication of Fire Tenders on suitable chassis, consisting of vehicle mounted, gun metal fire pump with primatic  reciprocating automatic piston primer. Pump capacity capable of delivering 2000 LPM at 10kg/cm2  fitted with hose reel. Suction lift at ntp conditions, heavy duty, full torque ‘syall’ / vas make power take off, control panel, indirect cooling system of open circuit,  6000ltrs water tank of 5mm thickness ms sheet all round, drivers cabin, lockers, ladder gallows. Standard accessories like fire bell, search light etc. Generally the foam tender shall  be fabricated as per is and  as per the specification enclosed.